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From the Founder

  • Alphatech was founded in June 2018 as a spin-off from Yamagata University, where Prof. Nishioka in the Graduate School of Organic Materials Science and his colleagues first developed “Temp-Controlled Milling”: an innovative starch gelatinization technology. In Temp-Controlled Milling, starch is highly gelatinized instantly without additional water, which is the only type of gelatinization technology in the world.
    With Temp-Controlled Milling, Alphatech is tackling the problems in the feed industry. The productivity improvements in the livestock industry is an urgent issue with rising concerns on food/protein shortages caused by population expansion and changes in people’s diet. The livestock industry consumes about a third of the world’s grain production, which causes the problem of competition with the usage of grains as human food. Environmental pollution including greenhouse gas emission from grain production is also one of the social challenges. Temp-Controlled Milling is the solution by realizing high-gelatinization in the feed grains with a lower cost: helping the world produce more meat with less grain.
    The grain powders made by Temp-Controlled Milling have many functionalities and can be applied to a variety of food. Temp-Controlled Milling also amorphizes cellulose and is expected to be a low-cost and eco-friendly cellulose pre-treatment solution in the biomass up-cycling business. Our vision is that Alphatech will be a part of a sustainable world, realizing efficient and sustainable use of bio-materials with innovative gelatinization technology.
    CEO KOMAI Yuichi

Our Leadership Team


KOMAI Yuichi 

Founder, CEO, & Guest Lecturer in Yamagata univ.
Mr. Komai has about 30 years of experience in new business development, sales dept. management, and so on in Recruit, BeMap, and Paraca. Also has experience of making IPO as a director.


FUKUI Masaru

Director & CTO
Mr. Fukui joined Alphatech in Sep 2020 as CTO. Previously, he worked at a research institute of food as well as a health food company as a researcher and in manufacture/sales management.



Veterinarian and MBA holder. Ms. Hikichi joined Aplhatech in Aug 2021. Previously, she engaged in R&D and new business development at Ajinomoto Inc. After that she worked at a consulting company as a technology/IP analyst.

・Outside Directors
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    Associate of Universal Material Incubator Co., Ltd.
    Graduated from the Department of Economics, School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University, and completed an MBA from Purdue University, Crannert, USA. Engaged in planning and management of business subsidiaries in the resin business at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Seconded to UMI from Mitsubishi Chemical.

・Technical advisor
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    NISHIOKA Akihiro

    Founder & professor in Graduate school of Organic Materials Science, Yamagata Univ.
    Prof. Nishioka has succeeded in the establishment of a gelatinization-grinding method and 100% rice bread. He is an inventor of Alphatech’s core technology-patents.

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    KODA Tomonori

    Associate professor in Graduate school of Organic Materials Science, Yamagata Univ.
    Assoc. Prof. Koda’s research theme is molecular simulation on gelatinization milling and its products


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