Alphatech helps efficient and eco-friendly use of
    starch/cellulose with low-energy and simple
    gelatinization/amorphization technologies

    Alphatech was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from Yamagata University, where Prof. Nishioka in the Graduate School of Organic Materials Science and his colleagues first developed “Temp-Controlled Milling”: a starch gelatinization technology which didn’t need any additional water. This low-energy and simple gelatinization can be applied to any starch-usage scenario including feed and food. Furthermore, Temp-Controlled Milling can also be applied to cellulose amorphization as a low-cost and eco-friendly pre-treatment for lignocellulosic biomass up-cycling.

  • Technology

    We do R&D on Temp-Controlled Milling, its industrialization, and its application. Some parts are done as collaborative research with outside partners.


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